Biking Pacifica

Getting out of the house and into the fresh air is more important than ever. Those who want to pedal their way through the outdoors will find great biking trails in Pacifica.

We sat down with local Pacifica resident and local bicycle advocate Jim Sullivan recently to uncover his favorite rides. Sullivan leads regular rides from Pacifica to Rancho Corral de Tierra in our Golden Gate National Parks. Here are a couple of Sullivan’s favorites:

Mori Point’s Greatest Hits
Distance: six miles roundtrip
Time: one–three hours
Rating: Easy to Moderate

Atop Mori Point

According to Sullivan, “This ride is a fave for me when I have out-of-town guests who want to escape to some of the best scenic places that are nearby.”

You will want to park on Bradford Way near the Moose Lodge, then start your ride on Upper Mori Point Trail, which appears on the south side of Bradford Way, just before it intersects with Highway 1. This narrow trail, which runs parallel to the north face of Mori Ridge, connects you to the rest of the trail network. Stay on Upper Mori Point Trail as it heads southwest. When the trail intersects with the main trail to Mori Ridge, turn left and begin your climb to the ridge on top of Mori Point. Once you summit, head west once again, and take in the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean as it pummels the coastline far below.

This cliff area is famous for being the location of the final scene in the movie Harold and Maude. Heading east, you will see the Mori Ridge Trail. Take this trail all the way to Rockaway Beach, then take the Coastal Trail all the way back to the start on Bradford Way when the day is done.

You can extend the ride by heading north along the levee above Sharp Park Golf Course to Pacifica’s historic pier.

Pacifica to Rancho Corral de Tierra

Distance: 14 miles roundtrip
Time: two–four hours
Rating: Moderate to Strenuous

Start Pacifica to Rancho Corral de Tierra

Start to Rancho Corral de Tierra

Sullivan comments, “Some of the great things about this ride are that there are plenty of turnaround points and the views of Devil’s Slide are terrific.”

Before you go, pack plenty of snacks and liquids, then begin at Linda Mar School (Rosita and Peralta, in Pacifica). Head south on Peralta and ride by the Shamrock Ranch. Once past the ranch, proceed through a white gated chicane, which only allows walkers and bicyclists through.

You will find yourself on Higgins Way, then follow it for 1/4 mile until it ends by another gate. Walk your bike around this gate and begin the ascent of the Old San Pedro Road.

Once the main highway between Montara and Pacifica, this semi-paved, abandoned roadway is the gateway to McNee Ranch State Park and the Rancho Corral de Tierra.

Three miles in, you will reach the saddle. Then you begin the descent into McNee Ranch State Park. Take it easy here as the old roadbed is severely eroded in places, so be careful! At the bottom of the Old San Pedro Road, you will pass the ranger’s house.

Keep going past the house and cross the bridge over Martini Creek. Once across the bridge, you’re in Rancho Corral de Tierra. See if you can find the abandoned daffodil farm that still blooms magnificently when in season. There are ample trails to explore once within Rancho. Many locals frequent these trails, so don’t be afraid to ask directions.

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Pacifica Trail Courtesy Reminder

We’d like to remind all riders, hikers and walkers to respect and have courtesy of others. In addition, as the phrase goes, “Pack It In, then Pack It Out.” Help us keep our hillsides clean so that others may continue to enjoy the beauty of the coast.