Wild Flowers Pacifica

10 Best Social Distancing Travel Destinations In California
Pub Club

Awesome Places To Visit Off The Beaten Tourist Paths. READ MORE

View of Pacifica from Mori Point

One Fine Weekend in Pacifica
Diablo Magazine

Wild coast, wildlife, wildflowers. Spring is seductive in Pacifica, where hawks "surf" the thermals over a riot of eye-popping blooms. With some 3,600 acres of open space and postcard views of the coast, the best way to experience Pacifica is to engage all your senses. READ MORE

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This Hidden Cove In California Leads You To A Beach With Actual Chocolate-Colored Sand

Nestled along the sleepy shores of northern California, lies a unique wonder just seven miles from San Francisco. While most California seashores aren't a surprise to us, this one is in all the best ways. If you're looking for unique beaches in California to get away, why not try out this one with actual chocolate-colored sand? READ MORE

Foggy Linda Mar Beach

Sunday Getaway to ‘Taco Bell Beach’ in Pacifica
San Francisco Chronicle

Everyone calls this gorgeous stretch of shoreline and surf “Taco Bell Beach,” but its real name is Pacifica State Beach. It is nestled inside Pedro Point at Linda Mar in southern Pacifica. READ MORE

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Pacifica Travel Guide: Taco Bell Cantina & Coffee Shops
Phoenix TV’s Travel Fun Guide (part 1)

Feature TV segment in Mandarin with great visuals for those that don’t speak the language. WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Phoenix Tripp Distillery Interior

Pacifica Travel Guide: Craft Breweries & Distilleries
Phoenix TV’s Travel Fun Guide (part 2)

Feature TV segment with intro in Mandarin and interviews in English. WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Rockaway Beach View

Seaside town of Pacifica, California—just 10 miles from San Francisco
National Public Radio

The seaside town of Pacifica, California is just 10 miles from San Francisco International Airport but it’s a world apart from the bustle of the Bay Area. Crab fishing on the pier, whale watching, dining in family-owned eateries, beachcombing, surfing, hiking, and live music are just some of Pacifica’s attractions. READ MORE

Pacifica CA Brief History Podcast

A Brief History of Pacifica, California by the Pacifica Historical Society
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In this podcast episode hear from the Pacifica Historical Society at the Little Brown Church in Pacifica, California. LISTEN NOW

Taco Bell Pacifica

39 Things You Have to Do in Northern California Before You Die

The prettiest Taco Bell in the World (no, seriously) is located right on the beach in Pacifica. It’ll taste a lot better if you go surfing first, but we won’t judge you if you go straight for the Crunchwrap Supreme. READ MORE

Sunset Heart Hands

12 Reasons to Warm your Heart and Belly in Pacifica, Ca
Never Too Old to Travel

Pacifica, Ca has held a warm spot in my heart for many years. It was always an escape destination for a day of beach fun when I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I never took a second thought to cross the bridge, drive past San Francisco, over the hill, and break through the fog to enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. READ MORE