Milagra Ridge

Milagra Ridge Pacifica

Milagra Ridge’s scrub-covered ridgeline runs east to west, offering impressive views of the cliffside city of Pacifica, the ocean and the coast. This protected ridge is the focus of community efforts to restore the wildlife habitat and help ensure the survival of a number of rare and endangered species found within this national parkland. The ridge is critical habitat for the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly and home to Redtailed Hawks, often seen spiraling overhead.

The 330-acre Milagra Ridge Military Reservation was acquired in 1942 during World War II for use as a coastal defense installation. Two coastal batteries were planned, Battery 244 was started in 1942 but not completed until after the war in 1947, Battery 130 was never built. Battery 244 was decommissioned in 1950. The reservation was used by the U.S. Army Defense Command for anti-aircraft missile Nike Site, SF-51, during the Cold War. The reservation was finally closed in 1972 and portions transferred to the City of Pacifica in 1974.

The hiking is mostly level and mostly paved. Visitors are required to stay on trails and pets must be leashed. Bicycles are permitted on the paved trail only.

Getting Here: The entrance to Milagra Ridge is off Sharp Park Road in Pacifica. From the Pacific Coast Highway, follow Sharp Park Road to the east, or from Skyline Boulevard (Highway 35), follow Sharp Park Road to the west. Turn north on College Drive and continue about 1/4 mile to roadside parking at the Milagra Ridge gate.

Hours: 8 am to Sunset

Entrance Fee: None