By Soona Mata – November 2022

With work-from-home on the rise, it’s become easier to switch up your work environment—or perhaps even travel— without using up valuable vacation time. With the sound of the ocean never to far away, Pacifica is the perfect place to do just that! Roaring sounds of the ocean as you’re typing emails and working on that project—who knew work could be so soothing? Picturesque trails, beautiful beaches, and a wide range of sports activities are just some of the reasons Pacifica is a one-of-a-kind stay.

Magical Meetings

Working from a hotel has it’s perks—meeting spaces, Wi-Fi, printers, wake-up calls, and a decreased chance of unplanned interruptions. What better place for in-person meetings than a coastal paradise just 20 minutes from San Francisco where most lodgings have views of the ocean and are just a short walk away from the beach! For sand-free ocean strolls, head to the iconic Pacifica Pier in Sharp Park. There’s a café at the pier entrance offering warm drinks to keep you warm and alert as you watch for whales and dolphins!

Paw-some Places

If you have a pet, your furry friend is sure to pawsitively enjoy this workcation with you! Check out these dog-friendly hotels and local spots. There are many trails to choose from, and all of our beaches are dog-friendly. You know a town is a pet-friendly surf-hub when it’s the host of the World Dog Surfing Championships!

Beach Bites

While at Pacifica State Beach, enjoy a margarita with your meal at the famous Taco Bell Cantina, voted most beautiful Taco Bell in the world, outfitted with a walk-up ordering window for surfers!

If you are searching for fancier fare and a wide range of cocktail and vintage options, look no further than Puerto 27 ,only steps away from Linda Mar beach. Boasting two dining floors and glass windows, you can ‘drink in the view‘ while enjoying their seafood and Peruvian offerings. Pacifica Beach Hotel, an architectural landmark with sweeping views, is situated right next door.

No trip is complete without visiting two historic culinary staples on Rockaway Beach—Nick’s  and Moonraker. Nick’s is famous for its crab sandwich, and has a large lounge area that regales guests with live music on weekends! Moonraker provides a fine dining experience, and the restaurant location on the second floor of the Pacifica Lighthouse Hotel makes it the perfect vantage point to watch an ocean sunset! It’s also the perfect all-in-one destination for corporate events— it has meeting rooms, event rooms, and even a private dining area within the restaurant.

Art, History, & Entertainment

Such a scenic place inspires many, so it’s no surprise we have many local artisans. It’s an art-enthusiast’s paradise– pop-ups featuring local makers are a regular occurrence at places such as Lovey’s Tea Shoppe, there are murals all around, galleries ,and of course shops with unique items.   

For a taste of some of local history, stop by the Pacifica Historical Museum, whose exhibits will take you through time. You can also find Pacifica Jack Cheese in their gift shop, a tasty workcation souvenir!

If it’s live entertainment after a long day of work you’re looking for, Longboard Margarita Bar and Winters Tavern are hubs for music lovers. They host weekly events, touring bands, and local artists.

Unique Escape

The hills, forests, bluffs, hiking trails, and ocean make this shoreside gem so unique and the beautiful landscape lends itself to various sports and activities.

Pacifica is a surfer’s mecca for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Being able to quickly walk to the beach for pre-work or lunch time surf sessions is pretty priceless! Other beach activities include sea-glass hunting, whale-watching, sunset chasing, crabbing, and fishing.

Other recreational activity options include golf, archery, tennis, horse-back riding, biking, and paragliding. Paragliders can often be seen gliding above Esplanade Beach next to the bluffs.

There are a variety of accommodation options, check their sites for more on amenities, as well as possible specials and packages offered! While there are many work-from-home options, this coastal hidden gem has something for everyone—and their pet!


It’s not simple to find the ideal hotel accommodation. Some people may want to focus on something completely different than what they are accustomed to, but the introvert in me craved a sense of normalcy and a sense of belonging. It wasn’t difficult to find a place to stay, but everyone has their own style, and for the trip, I was glad to stay at the Inn at Rockaway, which was the right spot to stay as authentically as possible to the spirit of the town. The essence of the town would want something modern but more charming than smart, and you can see the inspiration and attitude in the building’s refurbishment. I was exposed to a wonderful quaint-looking place dominated by the color blue, which not only soothes the eyes but also provides a mirror image of the beach, giving us a sense of connection to the place. The hotel boasts one of the most impressive rooms, providing direct visual access to the rest of town and the majority of the activities available. The room was pleasant and didn’t feel like a hotel, which I believe was due to the integrated living room, fridge, and microwave. The goal, in my opinion, was to give you the impression of being at home without the distractions of normal life, which can be problematic for anyone who wants to explore because I definitely found myself entertained just by staring out the windows and watching the sunset. However, don’t worry about missing out on activities since the locals will make you feel like you’re wasting your time by sitting in your hotel room for too long. I’ve seen individuals twice or three times my age being active and outdoorsy, so there’s no reason to stay indoors, no matter how comfy it is. The fact that the hotel has many entrances is also a plus for folks who want to avoid crowds as much as possible.


Food can reveal a lot about a culture, and for me, it’s more than just a way to gain some energy; it’s also a way to observe how easily people can translate their feelings, so I had to commit to every meal to get the entire experience. I basically had French toast and tea for breakfast at BreakersIt’s approximately a minute’s walk from the hotel and has the greatest goods as well as the marine-inspired design. It’s ideal if you’re on the move and need something quick, but you can also sit and appreciate the music, which will make most of us feel like we’re back in the 1980s for the first time. I’ll describe Breakers as a venue that will transport you back in time with the chair placement or even the pictures on the wall.