A Taco Bell Wedding!

Wedding at Taco Bell Cantina

By Ginny Prior - October 2021 - Photo by Emily Jenks

What couple doesn’t dream of a beachfront wedding with romantic sunsets and an aquamarine surf curling in the distance, then gently kissing the shore.

For bride Analicia Garcia and her high school sweetheart Kyle Howser, it was all that and more. A real south of the border celebration, with the northern border being Daly City.

The starry-eyed lovers had their wedding reception on October 26 at the Taco Bell Cantina in Pacifica, known as the world’s most beautiful Taco Bell. The beachside cantina made the perfect location for a tasty celebration.

Turns out, this is not Taco Bell’s first rodeo when it comes to wedding planning. On its website, the chain offers a $600 package that includes Taco Bell champagne flutes, “Just Married” t-shirts, a Taco Bell bow tie and garter, a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake and a wedding bouquet made of sauce packets. The package also includes a full ceremony and officiant. The first meal as Mr. and Mrs. is a Taco 12-Pack.

Did we mention the margaritas? The Taco Bell Cantina in Pacifica serves frozen margaritas (brain freeze) and shots of tequila for its party patrons 21 and older. The wedding guests get to sit on the deck, sip their libations and watch Pacifica’s best surfers hang ten and shoot the curl.

Of course, this being Pacifica, the paparazzi also turned out for the Howser/García wedding. SF Gate, CNN all the media moguls were there to give the young couple their 15 minutes of fame.

“It was kind of fun. When we first walked in, there were other patrons in the store and they were cheering along with everyone else,” Garcia told the reporters.

Her new husband, who must have been grinning from ear to ear as he thought of the money they saved, admitted his guests were skeptical at first. But there’s nothing like a couple of Chalupas to get the party started. In fact, just saying the word Chalupa puts a smile on ones face. Cha-Ching!